Music Scene at Pubs in Hyderabad

That’s right party people. If music is the food of love, then play on! Hyderabad knows how to party, and also knows its music. From lazy lounge to heart Pub – Hyderabadthumping electro techno, the DJs in clubs and pubs in Hyderabad spin it all. There’s something for everyone. So if you’re a music aficionado who knows the beat per minute of your favourite song, or just a regular party-hopper, you won’t be disappointed.

But just to make it easier, we’re giving you the lowdown on what type of music plays where; so you can pick and choose the party destination according to beats you want to swing to. Remember though, that a club may decide to play one or more of the genres below, so this is in no way a restrictive list. It’s more of a guide to the popular pubs in Hyderabad to dance to the different kinds of music we all love.

Pub - Hyderabad
A- Alternative…

Alternative Rock is not very groovy to dance to, so the only time you may hear bands like the Foo Fighters or Linkin Park play is if the place is playing Worldspace! But if you’re really keen, pubs like 10 Downing Street (10 D) MAY just play some Alt rock, but ONLY during afternoons!

B- Bhangra…

Bhangra has gone global and is a definite fixture in most club DJ sets. One can jump to Punjabi MC on Bollywood Nites in Bottles & Chimney (B &C), 10 D, Myst and sometimes even Ahala.


Get one thing straight. Bollywood remixes rock and we love them. So they’re always going to be there. Almost every happening party will have some cool Bollywood remixes thrown in for some good ol’ Desi flavor. Specialists are B&C and Ahala, especially on dedicated Bollywood nights.

C- Club…

Club music is currently the rage of the Hyderabad night life. From sexy remixes of Justin Timberlake to hardcore Club legends like Benny Benassi, clubs such as Touch pump up the revelers with club tracks. Ahala is another cool place to check out some vibrant sounds.


Dance and Club are pretty similar, so the clubs that play the former would play Dance as well. Wednesday nights in Touch, Ahala, F Bar as well as other places such as Soul, Myst and Firangi Paani would be a good choice.


B&C and Liquids are known to play Techno every once in a while. But Electro is as popular as Dance/Club. Touch and Ahala also play Electro, but only a few electro tracks would be squeezed in, so don’t count on a complete night of Electro!

H- Hip-hop…

50 Cent, Kanye and other gangstas also make us jump, so the DJs in B&C, Firangi Paani and Ahala will play a good measure of some hip-hop to all you playas!

L – Lounge…

Touch owns this genre. DJ Yogi will spin some cool lounge for all the party people every Saturday night, but it’ll be during the beginning of the night. Later on, more energy is infused by playing primarily Club music. Ahala, Liquids (especially on Friday nights) and Sixth Element will also play some cool soothing Lounge music, ideal for an unwind session.

R- Rock…

Rock can never die. So pubs like 10 Downing Street and Firangi Paani in Hyderabad give you enough reason to drink another pint while the cool riffs of Pink Floyd, the Scorpions and Guns n Roses pipe through the speakers. Retro nights in 10 D are specially worth checking out, if you’re a true “Rock star” at heart. Ahala and Touch will play remixes of rock tracks, but not pure rock as such.

So there you go. A complete guide to what’s playing where to help you decide which Hyderabad pub to hop to this weekend!

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Pubs in Hyderabad

01. Name : Alcove Bar
Address : Ramada Hotel Manohar, Airport Exit Road Begumpet
Phone No : 040-27819917
02. Name : Atrium
Address : Taj Residency, Rd No.1, Banjara Hills Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23393939
03. Name : Blockbuster Pub
Address : S D Road, Opp Minerva Complex Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-27818989, 26311001
04. Name : Crystal Bar, Pub
Address : 1-1-169/1,2,3 RTC Cross Roads Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-27676331, 26636024
05. Name : Cyber Pub
Address : The Residency, Public Garden Road, Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23204060
06. Name : Celebrity Club
Address : Shamirpet Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-24751717
07. Name : Diva
Address : Lake View Palace, Opp Taj Banjara, Road No.1 Banjara Hills
Phone No : 040-26613761, 23327949
08. Name : Dublin – The Irish Pub
Address : ITC Kakatiya Sheraton, Greenlands, Begumpet Greenlands
Phone No : 040-23399042, 23310132
09. Name : Golconda
Address : Taj Krishna, Rd No.1, Banjara Hills Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23392323
10. Name : High Spirits
Address : The Central Court, Kahiratabad Lakdi Ka Pul
Phone No : 040-23233262
11. Name : Kabura Bar
Address : My Home Tycoon, Lifestyle store premises Begumpet
Phone No : 040-26632272, 26632277
12. Name : Lagoon
Address : 1st Floor, Zee Plaza Complex, above Global Trust Bank,
Himayatnagar Road Himayatnagar Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-26591772, 27622995
13. Name : Lobby Lounge
Address : Taj Banjara, Road No.1 Banjara Hills Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23399999
14. Name : Marco Polo
Address : ITC Kakatiya Hotel and Towers, Begumpet Greenlands
Phone No : 040-23310132
15. Name : Mustang
Address : Green Park, 7-1-26, Begumpet Greenlands Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23757575
16. Name : My Choice
Address : The Residency, Public Garden Road, Nampally
Phone No : 040-23204060
17. Name : Outswinger
Address : Opp Deccan Chronicle Office Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-27703200
18. Name : Olive Garden Pub
Address : Near Cyber Towers, Hitech City Main Road Madhapur
Phone No : 040-23100300, 23110900
19. Name : One Flight Down
Address : The Residency, Public Garden Road, Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23204060
20. Name : Passport Pub
Address : Ramada hotel Manohar, Airport Exit Road Begumpet
Phone No : 040-27819917
21. Name : Pyramid
Address : The Country Club, next to Begumpet Flyover Begumpet
Phone No : 040-23298657
22. Name : Seasons
Address : Road No.1, Banjara Hills Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-26662323
23. Name : Shanghai – Cocktail Lounge Bar
Address : Mainland China,Road No.1, Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23304500
24. Name : Sundowner
Address : 217, Road No.2,Banjara Hills (near Telugu Desam
Office) Banjara Hills Hyderabad
Phone No 040-23542835
25. Name : R.S. Wines
Address : 6-3-1090/A/18 Raj Bhavan Road, Somajiguda,
Phone No : 040-23376386
26. Name : Twister Pub
Address : First Floor ,Srishti Towers ,Above Pizza Hut ,Hitech City
Phone No : 040-55538558
27. Name : Tumpet
Address : Hotel Golkonda, near Banjara Hills, Masab Tank,
Phone No : 040-23320202
28. Name : The Hunt
Address : Amrutha Mall, IInd Flooor, Somajiguda ‘x’ roads,
Phone No : 040-26628784, 26628785
29. Name : The Safari Pub
Address : Shree Venkateshwara Lodge, Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23236871
30. Name : Titanic
Address : Comfort Inn Woodbridge, 11-4-649/C, AC Guards
Phone No : 040-23322777, 26510001
31. Name : Treasure Island
Address : Shankarpalli road, Gandipet, Mehdipatnam
Phone No : 040-23323330
32. Name : Under Deck
Address : Taj Banjara, Road No.1, Banjara Hills Hyderabad
Phone No : 040-23399939
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