Pratyusha as TV9 News Reader

Off late, the news channels have been providing not just information and latest updates on what is happening in the society but also giving an element of glamour and beauty with the news readers turning out to be very pretty girls.

Top among them is the TV9 news channel that has been coming up with a set of beautiful ladies with good vocal abilities and at the same time equally good looks that is making the channel more interesting and preferable to watch.

Now, one girl who has been stealing hearts with her looks is Pratyusha who is seen in most of the programs being aired by TV9. folks have begun to wonder if she is the sister of the beautiful Bollywood starlet Sayali Bhagat because Pratyusha resembles her in many ways. It may not be long before acting offers may come to Pratyusha given her looks.

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Way to go Deepthi Vajpeye

An engineering graduate, Deepthi’s keen interest in television media attracted her to TV9. In a short period of time, she carved a niche for herself as a news reader through her dedication towards work. A district level hockey player, she anchors the weekly show ‘9 Sports’ that brings out her passion for Sports and also enjoys anchoring Hot Wheels a program on Automobiles.

Deepthi VajpeyeThe field of entertainment and media has always been the feasting place for talented individuals, without talent it is very hard to survive. However, there are those limited few who are extraordinarily skilled and true to their passion, they come out with many roles both on the screen and behind it.

Now, one person has been making news a lot of times not just for her confidence but also for her various traits. She is none other than Deepti Vajpayee who is a regular face in the TV9 channel. She is adept in speaking Telugu, handling news, participating in makeover show and making her presence felt in other shows as well.

Folks say that it has been a real long time that they have seen a girl who can be so fluent in Telugu. Way to go Deepthi Vajpeye !

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Interview on TV9 Tamanna

Tamanna talks about her dream role, about exposing, directing, item song etc and she also sings at the end of the interview.

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